who chooses?



After reading Bornstein’s article it got me thinking about our choice when it comes to being “male” or “female”. I know we all had those science classes where we learnt all about human anatomy and reproduction and that “men” and “women” have different genitalia that tells us apart but still… do we accept that that’s it, we can only be  men or a women and behave like a man or women and encompass certain traits that bind us  to that group forever ; AND  if we don’t act that way then there’s something wrong with us.

I know I’m not alone in my thoughts about gender being a social construct. I also know that there are people out there who believe that our behavioral traits are innate. I don’t condemn them because let’s face it, our characteristics are presented to us in the such a natural way its hard not to think its societies choice and not our own biology. A blog I found by MEGAN BÉNÉAT-DONALD really goes into this nurture vs nature debate and about the fact that our anatomy shouldn’t decide our destiny.I also found this film by Alice Dreger that touches on the same idea of destiny and what makes a “real man ” and a “real woman” .. really interesting stuff. AliceDreger_2011

wow still so much i want to say.. OK so on a more personal note I spent my holidays directing a play written by one of my favorite playwrights, Caryl Churchill. You may be wondering why this is at all related to this class, However, Caryl Churchill’s plays  are all about Gender identity and sexual repression. The play is called Cloud 9 and it’s about the identity of women and men who don’t fit the normal mold of society. The play is set in two acts , the first is in the Victorian era and the second act is at the end of the 1970’s. The representation of  the character Betty pokes fun at the ever present stereotype of the “housewife” in such a way that it brings to light just how stupid the stereotype is. What’s better is that Betty is played by a man in the first act, which further distinguishes the whole “destiny” idea. 


I feel like I get to this point and it gets really intense and theoretical and I start making no sense at all. Evaluating gender is hard sometimes because there’s been so much research behind it. what I want to say about choice is that people shouldn’t have to stick to a label or adhere to certain conventions, they should have a choice. 

I’m really enjoying writing this blog. I think it’s a really good way to expand on my gender knowledge.

Till next time…



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