Last Wednesday  I was so happy to hear that New Zealand passed the legislation for gay marriage. With that and France passing the bill recently here’s hoping Australia will come to it senses.


so last week my house mates and I just moved to a new house and all week I’ve been moving everyone’s stuff around and lifting lots of things and you know…. what you do when you move house. On an Ikea trip with my mother i’m explaining to her how tired I am .. and then she tells me I shouldn’t need to do that and I should leave it to the men. This just made me angry so I told her how I can do a lot of things my male house mates can do and what’s more that the “conventional” skills that men are mean’t to have like fixing things around the house is in fact what I end up doing. So I’m done preaching to the woman in the middle of a Ikea model kitchen ( ahh the irony ) and she says “ yeah, I’m glad that you can fix things ”- oh mum you just don’t get it.


The thing is that my mum lives in a “man’s world”. Do we still call it that? 

Anyway she works at a marketing firm and is the only women who Inst a receptionist and that’s because she’s a machine. What’s more is that she’s worked my whole life and my dads the one who stayed home to take care of us. I don’t think she means it , its hard to have a different mindset when there has been one ingrained in our society for decades dividing the genders up and telling us what we’re good at and what our position is within society.

 What gets to me is after so much fighting for change my mother still doesn’t completely recognise that she should have always had a right to work.

 I guess that’s what happens when you grow up like this :


A lot has changed for women in regards to working. Raewynn Connell discusses this issue in her work “gender”. She discusses how woman are taking over in the male work place performing at the same standard and delivering the same quality of work as men. However the government (who’s head is a women now!!!) still fails to see that women can do just as good and there shouldn’t be a separation between the two and furthermore there shouldn’t be barriers because of gender. The is still a pay gap between men and women that has remained unchained, with statistics stating that in 2011 women were still paid 18% less then men.  Connell talks about a “glass ceiling” which she describes has an invisible barrier that prevents women from reaching the top positions in high state corporation even though they have the same quantification’s as Men.

I just cant believe that this is a still an ongoing issue .I found an article in The Australian that  was only published a week or so ago that suggests the gender pay gap in Australia is narrowing when comparing gender pay rates for similar roles.The article states that  there is a positive level of pay equity for men and women in similar roles regardless of the industry they work in. for instance women who hold senior management positions earn on average only 3 per cent less than their male counterparts- that is still less for the same amount of work!

Although women at senior management levels are winning the battle for equal pay, women on average still earn less than men purely because they don’t get the same job opportunities, with far fewer women than men in senior management positions.i

It appears that the glass ceiling is firmly in place -with gender equality yet to be completely tackled in Australia ( sorry Mum : (  )

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~Inventing Sexuality~


Welcome to my Third Blog Entry..

I really just want to delve straight into what I’ve learnt about  Foucault’s “repressive hypothesis” so here goes:

~Inventing sexuality~

OK so what I understand is that Foucault believes that what we know about sexuality, since the 18th century and the rise of the bourgeoisie can be called Repressive Hypothesis. During this time sexual pleasure became something to be frowned upon and the talk (and action) of sex had become extremely taboo in Western society. Sexual conduct was strictly  between man and wife and sex outside these confines was not only prohibited, but repressed. So even without reading Foucault I knew all this – its ingrained in western history -in our laws and religion- sex has always been seen  in the sanguinary of marriage between a man and a women.

In our most recent decades though there has been this fight for sexual liberation and the freedom to be loud and proud about our sexuality.

However, back to Foucault , what he discusses is that this repressive hypothesis- this urge to be liberated is actually essentially an attempt to give revolutionary importance on discourse in sexuality. It make us feel that there is a great importance in personal liberation and our freedom to talk openly about sex. The fact is that according to Foucault sexuality in society is not being repressed and is a social construct originating from discourse.Foucault recognizes the repressive hypothesis itself as a form of discourse.

We must therefore abandon the hypothesis that modern industrial societies ushered in an age of increased sexual repression” (327)

I found when reading Foucault, he uncovers this paradox of discourse on sexuality. Why are we as society proclaiming that we are a repressed and why do we talk about how we CANT talk about sex. Some people sit strongly behind this idea of repression and may think its insane to question the authenticity of it all because it so evident in our society. In questioning repressive hypothesis I don’t think Foucault is interested in contradicting it and he certainly doesn’t deny the fact that sex has been tabooed. What I feel his interested in is why sexuality is made an object of discussion.

Even so , reading about Repressive hypothesis for me we still a little overwhelming. I’ve always thought about sexual liberation and the fight for freedom but never really about why they felt the need to fight. OK wait- so i might be a little biased in my views but i understand why women felt the need to fight for equal rights and i understand that this idea of “free love”  because people really did feel repressed sexually because of societies views of sex. Sex is talked about a lot these days which some do believe as being “liberating” but maybe in doing this were losing the meaning in sex!!

my brain hurts…

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