My second last blog 😦

I am not a Fan of sports!…well, except for martial arts, gymnastics and figure skating because they’re super cool and amazing to watch. No matter how many times I have been made to watch an AFL or NFL or any sport to do with men and balls, I’m just not interested. Maybe it’s all the tennis lessons my parents made me do where I learnt absolutely nothing .It’s true that I have no hand eye co-ordination and I can defy gravity BUT I STILL could have played a game against someone ( I’m looking at you Tennis Instructor).The truth is that I never felt included in the sports culture and I guarantee I’m not alone.

This was only posted 3 years ago by some guy who introduced this topic to one of those troll site’s.

“First off, I am not sexist, but I think it’s dumb for women to play sports. Honestly, they have to make the ball bigger and green, and shorten the innings, and shorten the distance of the bases in softball. They make the basketball smaller, and they make the volleyball net smaller. Also, an average high school varsity starter male, could be a star in the WNBA (which nobody watches). Also, aside from the horrible WNBA, there are no pros for women and there will never be. So why do women play sports?”

Firstly what is this guy on! There are no alterations to the game structure. The nets aren’t smaller and the balls aren’t bigger…or green. I just cannot believe the excuses this guy makes to why women cannot play. And talking about how the women’s basketball league should have men in the teams to be “stars”.Seriously dude. There are plenty of pros for women athletes. Most obvious is that it allows women with skills to pursue a career in something they love. Do we have to dress up like men now just so we can play the part!


For me it’s not a problem but there are Women out there who dream of being professional footballers and soccer players and are not given the same opportunity as men. Its starts of in primary school where boys have the choice to play football and cricket and girls can play netball and rounders. It’s as if were pushed away from it as young as possible.You get into high school and girls are offered even less. Then were adults and all we can do is be a loyal supporter or a cheerleader… oh and off course raise our little boys and girls the same.

Blunt but it’s a reality.

I understand that the percentage of women who want to play professionally isn’t as high as men (which in itself is a whole different story) but it was only a few years ago that men wanted to be nurses and stay at home dads. Those numbers were in the minority but society made it happen for them. The thing is that teams, like say  women’s football has been booming and the Victorian Women’s Football League (VWFL) has over 1000 players across all levels of the competition.

There is an urge for change! I read an article in The Age which is focused around two women’s AFL teams that are set to become a part of the professional league. This is the beginning of the women’s AFL federation and the opportunity for some to be a part of teams like Essendon, the West coast eagles and the Bulldogs. The games will also be televised and:

“Elite league as we know it today will support both male and female teams”

However this isn’t scheduled to occur until 2020.Why do these women need to wait seven years to get their games televised!!
Women who have worked their lives for this opportunity may not be young and fit enough to take part. Women like Debbie Lee, who is the best female footballer of all time and who was fundamental to the growth of women’s AFL . Without her the VWFL would seize to exist.
In another article In THE AGE she said that:

“[I] never wanted to actually play against the men, but rather draw attention to women’s football. “It was about (women) can play footy, too. Not women are better than men at playing footy, just (women) can play footy, too”

Unfortunately Lee will never get the opportunity to be apart of this change field wise but hopefully she has a part in making sure that it actually all goes to plan.

What I gather form all of this is that women are still suffering from inequality- and to a larger degree than we think. I thought that women’s equality was getting somewhere in this country but after ready about the women’s league and Debbie im just really angry at  Australia. There is no push for change by the government and  of course Prime Minister  Julia Gillard has too many other things on her mind- like Myki and cutting  costs to Universities! She’s a women for god’s sake and she inst even trying to close the gap between men and women. Whats worse is that when she was elected some women must of thought ..”it’s all going to change..or improve…..we will get more opportunities” but nothing has happened.

I can only imagine what Abbot would do… I cringe!!


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