Gender Expression

This is my last blog for this subject.

I thought I’d end this with something I found last night trolling the recommended pages of you tube. His name is Azis and he is a major pop culture icon in Bulgaria. His image is one of the most unique and courageous because he encompasses this strong (what some would call feminine) sexuality. Watching his music video clips is like nothing I’ve seen before for. For women, it’s a reoccurring feature in the Rnb scene and I think its why it serves as such a shock factor- its not what you expect to see a man doing.

Hers an example of one of his video clips.

its so amazing to watch because you can pick up on all these conventional traits that some women do in video clips to highlight their sexuality. If you watch the clip you can see for yourself but just to highlight a couple I picked up.

The opening of the clip you see Azis sitting in a barrel of water, topless ( and possibly naked) He’s rubbing the water all over his body and seductively looking at the camera. There are also a number of buff men lying around him in towels also rubbing their bodies. This set interchanged with him dancing in well provocative clothing that someone like Beyonce would wear. Why do pop stars wear this? Because the ago old truth- sex sells. In western society male and female sexuality is portrayed in different way. We would never see Justin Timberlake dressed in a thong. However he still is an icon for sexuality in Western culture. Already taking into account the concept of sexuality being a social construct I want to highlight that media plays an important role in displaying what makes men and women sexual. For Azis thought, he challenges those conventions and encompasses elements of each.

What Azis presents a gender-blending image. He facial hair is juxtaposed with fishnet stockings and a propensity toward eyeliner. His costumes range from sado-masochistic masculinity (leather and spikes) to demure femininity (sequins and gowns). His sexually provocative music videos feature imagery of homo- and hetero-eroticism.


I really hope to flesh this out in my essay piece because I think Azis is such a good representation of how gender and sexuality is a social construct.


Here’s a great blog that talks about Azis –


I have to say that blogging is awesome. One of the best assessment’s I’ve ever done. Haven’t learnt this much from a subject. Also big props to the women who put this all together- If this subject was continuing I would strongly recommend this to EVERYONE




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